Top Places for Teaching English in Different Nations Like Teach English in Europe

Going abroad to teach English is certainly the most rewarding and enriching experience to undertake in life. It gives the young individuals an opportunity to have a fulfilling carrier along with good career prospect. Again, you get to travel around the world and enjoy staying in a different setting amidst a foreign culture. This filed is unique as it serves the best of both worlds – teaching and traveling.

There are some places in the world that offer more to this opportunity in terms of finding an employment and making a living. When looking for an English teaching job it is better to evaluate all these advantages and then select a country accordingly. Europe is a preferred destination to teach and settle down. Americans feels comfortable to teach English in Europe because they find Europe’s traditions and culture similar to their own. Moreover, Europe lies in close proximity to other nations which assure teachers to have good chances to travel amongst nations.  Some of the best preferred European nations for English teachers are Spain, Italy and Holland. Chances of bagging a good opportunity are more compared to other nations in Europe.

Morocco is another country heavily influenced by the cultures of Europe. The country is now making English a prerequisite considering its importance in business and tourism.  Teaching English in Morocco can be both advantageous and thrilling.  As morocco is in huge demand for English teachers, the chances of landing up with a high pay offer is more, and staying amidst the Moorish culture is always a thrilling and rewarding plus other than teaching.

Hong Kong is another great place for certified teachers to teach and explore. Native speakers of English are always on the advantageous side when looking to teach English in Hong Kong. High wages and good prospects make Hong Kong a hot spot for teachers across the nation. Teachers looking to teach overseas can definitely add Hong Kong to their priority list. No wonder, it is also a great way to stay in an atmosphere blended with cultures of East and West.

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Teach English in Thailand and get jobs for teaching English overseas

English is now most common spoken language across the globe. Every economically successful country is trying to grab the language to communicate globally and conduct their business. There are several countries over the world that are non-native speakers of English and want to learn English for communication and international business. These countries have huge demand for English teachers who are required to teach English to students in primary schools. One such country is Thailand, one of the emerging tourist destinations in the world. With their intrusion in the international trade market the demand for speaking English has also risen. This has created several job opportunities to teach English in Thailand and start a career as a foreign teacher.

Several companies in Thailand offer a TEFL course. A candidate can take it in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai. The good news for all aspiring teachers is that Thailand is inviting foreign teachers from all over the world to fill up the teaching positions, and Thais are extremely welcoming in nature and criticism is not a part of their culture. Hence, Thais do not criticize their teachers. If you have a bachelor’s degree in any subject then it’s a plus for you to take up the TEFl course. Study visas are easily available to those willing to teach English in Thailand.

Teaching English in Thailand is advantageous because of the high pay scales compared to other countries. Even if you are not a diploma holder you can work as a tutor in Thailand. But, if you are a degree holder then it’s quite easy to fetch a sum of 30000B to50000B per month. Once you are done with the training you can look for opportunities to teach English in Thailand.

For teaching English overseas, TEFL certificate prove quite useful. It also eliminates the necessity of being physically located and barriers to attend classroom teaching. A TEFL online courses certification gives you the freedom to choose the country you wish to seek employment.

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Pointers for Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English abroad can be a rewarding experience provided you have a passion for travel, open to challenges and risk, and above all love for the language. When you are all set to go to some other country and work in an unfamiliar culture, you would need to adhere to some norms. Since the importance of English is growing in the global scenario, especially in the non-native English speaking countries, the demand for trained teachers are also on a rise. TEFL online courses are designed for students who want to learn English in their own country. These courses teach English as distance education and make you eligible to teach English professionally across the globe.

It is always better to visit the country where you plan to teach. Visiting the school premises will give you an idea of the infrastructure. We know that working with limited resources is not easy, but success comes with challenges, so it’s better to be prepared. Detailed lesson plan again helps to teach in an organized way. Cultural nuances are inevitable when teaching abroad. But I believe working within the system, not against it. Encouraging the students to be vocal is always a plus.

TEFL online courses can be taken by anyone irrespective of any work experience and age. The only pre-requisite are English fluency and a graduation degree. Upon joining you are accessed to most modern methods of teaching that prepares you to work as a teacher in future. The course guides you through all sort of educational situations that you may face while teaching in a foreign country.

After the successful completion of the course you can teach English in South Korea, in UAE, in Thailand and in Asian countries. There are huge availability of teaching English jobs in China and Japan where you can apply and get the opportunity to stay and work.  It is better to take things open mindedly to feel and enjoy staying in abroad.

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Importance of TESOL Online certification courses

In contemporary scenario, communication is of vital importance and English is the only language used for global communication. This calls for proficiency in English language which is pre-requisite to successful communication. This changing global scenario has eventually increased the demand of English teachers who will be eligible and educated enough to teach English to non-native English speaking countries like UAE, China, Japan and several other European countries.

American TESOL certification courses are designed for graduates who want to teach English over the world, thus opening up great carrier opportunities for students who want to establish themselves as professional teachers. TESOL certification courses are really associated with some great benefits which I think are the secret behind its popularity.  These courses are the best way to start a career in non-native English speaking countries allowing you to be globally located, even in a country that you prefer.

If somebody is planning to do a TESOL certification course but carrying it on-site is difficult then doing a TESOL Online certification can really turn out to be advantageous. These courses are flexible in nature with a course option of study from home. This option is combined with two weeks face to face to complete the total duration of four weeks. The course is really well structured and allows you to meet like-minded people and trainers before you step into the world of teaching.

All the TESOL certification courses are available online so that students can make it without being physically present. You might think that this is not beneficial compared to the residential or the onsite course. Trust me this is not the case. TESOL Online courses can be the most effective way of learning and you can take any amount of time to complete the course for the TESOL Online certification.  Once you are certified you get to teach English anywhere in the world or get placed in any country you like.

TESOL certification courses offer  various programs and one of them allow you to work as ESL English teacher which means you are quailed to teach English even as a second language in countries where English is the official second language. The opportunities are vast and you need to grab it soon.

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